What Is this?

acAfter many name changes and goal shifts, what was meant to be The Sharp Impressions Project became a project to change the world. The project evolved in many ways. It most recently underwent a change from a musical experiment and transformed into what it is today: a movement to promote a positive attitude towards every day life through music. Starting off small, the current goal of the project is to encourage people to have an open mind regarding others. We have plans to:

  • post videos on the youtube channel that are meant to inspire, as well as show street performing, where someone spontaneously pulls out an instrument and/or sings songs with positive messages behind them for an unsuspecting crowd
  • give motivational talks in public building such as schools and libraries

In order to get the movement rolling, we are working to attract followers through social media and daily interaction. As we continue to gain followers and support, we hope to make a sharp impression in the life of those who need it.


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