New Events

New events pertaining to the Sharp Impressions Project will be listed here. Events include:

  • Fundraisers
  • Challenges
  • Project updates
  • Advancements

Thursday, October 30th 2015

We have established a relationship with New Jersey Band Aurin.  Head over to their webpage to support them. We have similar goals and intend to collaborate on Youtube videos and performances. Be prepared for something big!

Thursday, July 7th 2016

The Sharp Impressions project is doing many things behind the scene. One thing, which has been on the  minds of both the founders, is creating a Youtube channel. The video content will most commonly be music videos and covers of inspirational song. Possibilities loom of posting various crowds’  reactions to street performances, so others can witness this push for social change. Any personal success stories will also be able to be sent in to SIP and reposted for all of the Impressionists to see. While there is no estimated launch date, we are still making improvements and testing ideas. Stick around to see something big.

– Co-founder, Amelia Bloch



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