History Of SIP

“An idea. Everything starts as an idea.”

The name has evolved many times, each time to serve a different purpose. Starting with Sharp Impressions Ink (tattoos), changing to Sharp Impressions Theory (photography), evolving to Sharp Impressions Theory (band) and finally, The Sharp Impressions Project (movement). For every purpose, the goal was the same: to make an impression.


Originally founded in 2003, in the mind of A Figment, the project wasn’t launched until April of 2013 on Instagram. Back in 2010, The Si Project was intended to be a collaborative effort headed by Sharp Impressions Theory (band), along with fans, to reach out and help those in need all over the world.


When the project started on Instagram, progress was very slow and there was little inspiration as to how to go about making a difference. The Si Project was put on hold until an idea was established. On the 1st of July 2013, A Figment returned promoting suicide awareness, providing motivation and inspiration against depression and offering help to those who needed it. A post made on July 4th caught the attention of Crossfire and she offered to be able to work together. With the same goals in mind, a collaborative effort was formed. The number of followers grew in a matter of days and with that, a Twitter account was created. Crossfire became A Figment’s partner and awareness was spread far and wide, along with the addition of Lady Koh.


In the Fall of 2013, progress slowed and A Figment and Crossfire came across respective personal conflicts that put the project to a near halt. Both became inactive for the first half of 2014. During Crossfire’s hiatus, she began to focus on her dreams of becoming a music artist and used that to help promote the project.  Implementing this idea, The Sharp Impressions Project was reborn with Crossfire as the new co-founder.


Silence… is broken.”

The Sharp Impressions Project is an initiative, membered by a collaboration of artists using mainly musical talents as a method to spread positivity, provide positive motivation and inspiration in creativity, and promote positive change in the world. Members and supporters will give out motivational speeches and impulsive performances out in public to help spread the word. With Sharp Impressions Theory at the head of the movement, they hope to make dreams come true and help everyone reach their goal. The SI Project supports and will aid causes that raise awarenss for depression, self-harm, suicide, EDNOS, bullying, and any other cause that requires the attention of the masses.


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