About Me

As a musician, writer, and an artist, I have started to rediscover myself. Having done that, I thought it was time for a new bio.

I am a 17 year old music junkie, constantly looking for new music to drown in from day to day. The posts on my blog range from updates to music reviews to stories of strange events in my life and the battle with my inner demons.

I have a goal to inspire, after others inspired me. I aim to pass it on.

If anyone would like me to check out their blog, I would be more than happy to. Leave a comment and I’ll tell you what I think, I promise.

I love those of you who I have breathed new life into. The motivation runs both ways.


14 thoughts on “About Me

    1. I meant to get back to you sooner, sorry. :P but id rather not do the post and tag other blogs in it because then the whole class will have to do it and soon there will be no one to include in the posts lol


  1. Hey, I was told by a friend to come visit your blog and that we might get on because we have stuff in common. I don’t know how you feel about this but I thought that the best way to start off such an idea is by saying. “Hello, I also agree with your hate stuff and look forward to any interaction with you”.


    1. I checked out your blog…I like it. Thank you for checking out my blog, it means a lot. :) I’m not sure who referred you to my blog, but tell them I said thank you. I’m currently getting tested for ADD (I get the results next week). So I think that’s one reason they told you to check out my blog.. I’ll have to do some in-depth reading of your blog when I have more time. I’m interested in what you have to say. :)


      1. Nods….

        But … I know getting help can be hard when you need. I wish I knew better words to send you. Just the little you said now…says a lot. Please hold on. Sometimes … even if it is not enough … reaching out via online helps some …

        I want so much for you to feel better. And I know it takes time.

        Sending you kind thoughts Amy.


      2. Nods…goods. Sometimes when I need to put myself in a good mood I make googly eyes at my daughter. She thinks it is lame. But it makes ME feel better. Inside I hope it makes her feel better too. So … *makes googly eyes at you*

        OOoooOOoOOooOOOOooOO OOoooOooOooOooOooooOoOoOOooo



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