A message from the Co-Founder: Moving Forward By Leaps

In recent SI news, we have added new members to our team and are very excited to work with them. Already the Project is gaining momentum and new steps are being taken. It is well know that a movement needs it’s followers, because it is nearly impossible to make a change alone.

Just as it is nearly impossible to trek through life without any help.

Soon, stories will be shared, and events will take place, in which the SI team will need support of friends, followers, and family.

Indeed, if you feel compelled to help or are as moved by the Project’s mission (as some who have already informed us), feel free to ask what you can do. Questions regarding the project will happily be answered. Your questions turn into feedback for us. I personally look forward to developing a relationship will the team as well as supporters. We are here to encourage and support each other to connect with one another through music, a universal language.

The most we can ask for right now sharing us by simple word of mouth. When stating what the project is about, a good way to word it is the sentence above in bold. This is one of the best ways we have been able to explain the meaning as a team. Engagement on social media is encouraged and much appreciated.

Keep your feet on the ground unless you are reaching for the sky, and never look back at bad examples.

I will update you guys frequently.


Amelia Bloch