My Problem is:

I’ve always contemplated whether or not something is wrong with me. The answer, at last, has been uncovered.

My problem is very simple. However, my brain has been trained to think this way and is so intricately stitched together that it will require some back-breaking work to undo. Unfortunately, the fresh tracks that have been laid are always being pulled apart by some other force.

My problem is more of a problem for others than it is for me; it’s more of a second way to view the world.

My problem is that I only see people.

My problem is with the labels being stamped across everyone’s forehead: The labels that tell you how to treat them, what to expect from them, and limit your communication with them.

My problem is that I don’t see a group of eight year olds. I see a clean slate that can be engraved with open mindedness and positivity. I see a new generation that will inherit the power to change the world. I see the person they are, how their environment affects them, and the potential for something great. I don’t see little kids who are allowed to hide behind the excuse of their age for protection against mistakes.

My problem is that I don’t see separate genders, races, or cultures. I see other human beings with a different body, but with the same mental capabilities as each other. I see people who have the power to do anything they set their mind to, despite the circumstances they have been provided with. I don’t see different people who are incapable of something due to where they were born or what they were born as.

My problem is that I don’t see professions in which people find themselves unable to get personal with others.

I only see people.

I see people who are capable of moral judgment.

I see a collection of cells that has the ability to conduct electrical impulses to make decisions.

I see sacks of flesh with personality.

My problem is I don’t see separate identities,

my problem is that I only see people.