Being strong I guess.

Hmm. I’m not much in the blogging mood today. I have nothing to share really, just depression stuff and my summer’s wasting away. I haven’t talked to that girl in Janesville for like, three weeks. I went on a date with someone else and then never heard from them again, and I just hurt.

It’s like I’m trying to fill that hole in my heart left by my previous relationship. I gotta stop. Either way I go I feel empty.

I’m just tired of feeling like this in general, and now that we don’t have insurance, I can’t get my meds, I can’t go to counseling, I can’t be sent back to Rogers… I can’t get help. So my only choice is to stay strong. That’s getting hard to do. I can’t keep going through these withdrawals.

I’m rambling on again. I’m sorry. I just need to vent sometimes and hope that someone out there understands. So far, my friends and family don’t understand.

I also haven’t told them about the voices, either. I can’t get help with that until this until this situation gets fixed.

I’m going insane. Ugh help me.

I don’t even know what I was saying.

Bye. :/

– Amy



First things first, this whole LOVE  thing isn’t working out for me. I’ve decided that I’m not going to let myself have feelings for anyone because I always end up getting hurt as a result of caring too much.

The SI Project is going pretty well. It’s moving slow, but that’s expected because of how new this is still. I’m really excited about the things we’re doing with this, though. One of the co founders is going to be running a youtube part of the project, which should attract a whole different crowd.

I wanted to SH so bad last night that it physically hurt. I wanted relief so bad.

But I didn’t do a damn thing but listen to music and cry.  I’ve come way to far to let that take over. This morning I woke up and I felt a little lighter, like some sort of weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I feel like I’ll only have to overcome this urge a few more times and than I’ll no longer have it. 

I can do this, right?

Recovery here we come.

– Amy

The Sharp Impressions Project

I found this project on Instagram that has some of the same personal goals I have, including supporting people who have depression. I contacted the founder and I’m now working with them to make a difference. Please, check it out.  The facebook and instagram is freshly made, so don’t judge.

I also might be making the logo for them! :)

We will make a positive dent in the lives of those who struggle with depression and show them they are not alone.

Check it out guys: