My mind is soo… Hey look a cloud.

My mind is so jumpy feeling right now. I don’t remember if I took my ADD meds or not, but it doesn’t feeling like it. I’m bored with everything now. painting, oil pastels, drawing… everything is boring. Even guitar is kind of boring now. I have nothing I want to do except ride my bike somewhere else and I can’t because I’ll probably get shot or something. I just want to.

The depression is still bad, because I still look at myself and want to cry, but my overall life is okay. I’ve been out of school for a few weeks now so I’m not pressured with shit to do. Depression gets worse during school months.

Speaking of school I barely passed all my classes. The week and a half I missed really pulled my grade down I think. Other than that I did okay. I got some of my past homework exempted. I had two exams exempted too.

I’m bored now, more updates later.

– Amy