11 days

So they threw me in the ward for 11 days because I split my arm open so bad that it tore the muscle and needed stitches. I just got out. I’ll tell details when I get a better chance to, but my experience at County was hell, and at Rogers it was amazing. Magical even. 

I’m okay now guys. I’m done with cutting. Promise.

– Amy


12 thoughts on “11 days

    1. I know. I just think spur of the moment and I cut. I’m done with that now, I’ve cause enough trouble already. and my arm is just scarred really really bad. It’s really ugly and it still hurts a little.


      1. I think im healing… I healed faster in the hospital because I actually had some sort of self confidence and the people there felt like family. At home I’m exposed to my dad trying to invade my thoughts and know what I’m thinking and I’m more irritable now. even though I have the temptation to cut, I don’t, and the temptation is really small anyway. I just want my life back… my freedoms.. I need a second chance.


      2. You can always have a second chance Amy. :)

        self confidence being low is normal with anxiety and depression. You can build that up though. It takes a little while, not that long though.

        so, how are you really? inside.


      3. families give second chances. Amy if you want to talk more, please email me. Your Dad is probably very worried about you, that is expected. Your brother too.


        don’t forget the email.


  1. oh. I am sorry how things went … but am glad about the not cutting anymore thing.

    Sometimes I am not sure what to say …. so sometimes I just have to give a hug.



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