Slick Walls and Hopeful Burns

Have you ever been situated someplace and forced yourself to focus on an object that radiates happy, fun feelings while absolute hell and destruction swirls itself arounds you, invades your mind, and tears you down from the inside out?
Its positivity is so innocent… So perfectly preserved as if nothing else is happening.
Its gratitude and happiness barrels into your heart like its oblivious to the evils and selfishness that infected the very air it inhales.
And as you stare into the core of this perfectly preserved innocence, you plummet, and grasp for the nonexistent rungs of hope on a one way ladder who’s base is submerged in a chilled murky acid thats bound to reduce you to dust… Its a cold feeling.
It truely is.


7 thoughts on “Slick Walls and Hopeful Burns

    1. At this point, Amber, I don’t know. I don’t know too much about anything at this point…
      And what do you mean by ‘changed’ ? In what way?


  1. I am sorry you are feeling pulled down … I know tis a small thing to say here … but…. I want you to feel better one day.

    And … that cold feeling … I know it is there … but tis a lie ok. The rungs of hope are there … do not give up.


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