Get The Gang Back Together

As I’m sitting here typing this, I’m realizing that the only time I am truly myself is when I’m hanging out with my friends from eighth grade. Around everyone else I kind of hide in my little shell until the coast is clear. Me and Chloe have been talking about maybe getting back in contact with some of the people we used to talk to in our eighth grade class. Due to several reasons and getting along with certain people being questionable, we’ve narrowed down our list. Plus I’ve added a few people. I think.  (Links to their eighth grade blog have been provided, though I’m not sure if they all still use their blogs.)



Chloe 3:D


Ally<3 Cx

Maddie!> (is a landshark)

Annnnnd I can’t  think of people right off hand, but there’s probably more. We all need to go somewhere together and just be ourselves again. I miss that. Remind me what the good portion of my eighth grade year, however small it may be, felt like.

Plus I want to go back and visit Skonecki. I wonder if he put that projector up on the ceiling yet.


P.S.  As I figured, because I stopped posting for a while, I lost a lot of the views I would get daily. Few people read my blog anymore. Where did you guys goooooo?! D:



10 thoughts on “Get The Gang Back Together

    1. Tell him that Amelia said shes disappointed in him. And that i finally learned how to play Stairway to Heaven on guitar. (that was my excuse to not do my homework lol)


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