A Pep Talk

This is the cutest thing I’ve seen recently. It made me want to be a better person. Share this, spread the wealth. :)


Pedals and Dying and Shit

I’ve finally found time to post on this thing. I kind of miss it, and it looks like some other people do too.

First update:

My grades have improved rapidly since I’ve been taking the medication. My grade point average went from 1.5 in the first quarter to 2.7 by the time report cards came out. I started taking my meds right after the progress reports were sent out. I went from getting BA’s and PR’s (which are equivalent to D’s and C’s) to getting perfect scores and AD’s (A’s). School is becoming so much easier. I actually understand everything I’m supposed to be doing.

Unfortunately, as discovered in my experimental week without meds, they make me extremely boring and hinder my ability to come up with creative ideas such as topics for essays, artwork, and music. Other than that, I like it.

Second update:

Let’s go back as far as winter break.

My winter break was relativly normal. I didn’t do much of anything other than sit in the house with my dad and brother, loading myself up on a bunch of junkfood. For the whole first week, I ate so much that I felt like I was pregnant. When you feel pregnant, it becomes difficult to move. Just a fair warning. Damn food babies.

Unfortunatly I had a pretty bad start to the new year. I hadn’t seen my best friend in a really long time, so I thought I could ride my bike to her house to see her. Of course it’s winter, so it’s cold and there was snow on the ground, which coated the sidewalks of 60th street and Oklahoma ( I live near 60th and Bluemound so I take 60th and Oklahoma to get to her house) but that didn’t affect me at all. As long as you’re careful, you can turn a BMX bike into an ATV. When I got to 20th, half of the hill was snow and ice. I rode past that with no problem, and the sidewalks were clear then. As soon as I started pedaling faster, the pedal on my bike came off.

Like it just fell off. After eight miles it just fell the fuck off.

All I can remember is hitting my head on the handlebars and flipping over the bike, gently bouncing off the ground as I landed. Great. I ended up walking a mile from there to my friend’s house in the cold, carrying a bike petal with my sprained wrist, because my friend’s car was conveniently in the shop. The good news is, I didn’t feel any pain until I thawed out. So I was pain free for about another hour after I got indoors.

While I’m recovering on the couch, I receive a text from my dad. My phone wont let me receive or make calls anymore, which really defeats the purpose of it, so my 54 year old dad had to learn how to text just for me. The text said simply  “Gramma is gone”.

I never got that phrase. “They’re gone.”

Like where’d they go, Walmart?

Anyway, that wasn’t the coolest start to the new year. I broke someone else’s bike, broke myself, and my Grandma died. Like Happy New Year, you get to go to two funerals: one for your Grandma and one for your dignity that’s still lying there, dead on 20th street.

That’s pretty much all you guys missed.  Nothing significant really happened. Oh, I’m getting noticeably better at playing the guitar, but that was expected over time.

Okay I’m done. I’ll shut up now.