I know, I haven’t been on here in like, forever. Let me tell you why.

1.) I’m busy with school. I’ve been working and studying in an effort to catch up. The only thing I’m extremely behind in is art. The DWB (designed to take six weeks) is due in two, and I didn’t even start. I’ve been doing more important things.

2.) I haven’t been interested in too many thing lately. My attention span is still short and probably always will be. Whenever I think about writing a blog post, I get bored with the idea. Maybe it’s the meds. They’ve been helping me a lot, though, by making my thought process easier and now I actually remember things we’re doing in class.  In fact, when I took a biology test a few days ago, I felt like I did really well because I had an answer for every question. Yesterday, my biology teacher caught up with me in the hallway and told me that I only got two wrong on the entire thing, (instead of the usual ten) and got an AD. I feel smart again.

3.) I count on my phone for internet and I end up using all of my data by the second week for school stuff. I don’t have data or money to be using the internet for anything else but Pandora and school work.

So that’s pretty much it. I didn’t take my meds this morning and now I can feel my thoughts fighting each other in my brain.

Oh yeah, I haven’t been that depressed lately, either. I blame my friends for that. I was so happy on Friday that I wanted to make other people’s day too. I drew smiley faces on post it notes, put them all over my face, and walked around in public places. Not only did I do that, but I wrote, “You look sexier when you smile.” on a bunch of other post it notes, and slapped those on the backs of people who looked really depressed. It made most of them laugh.

Mission accomplished.

– Amy