Happy Saturday

I’m stuck spending my Saturday doing nothing but working on homework. I need to work the entire weekend, with few distractions, so I can complete everything that’s due on Monday. I can’t finish this stuff in school because I get so distracted that it pisses me off, and no one wants to work when they’re pissed off.

One time in History, this chick who sat behind me was whistling obnoxiously loud, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. Then I here the subtle noise of Pink Floyd being played on the radio in front of the school.

Suddenly World History class was much more bearable.

Living at my dad’s is really helping me focus. Apart from being happier, the fact that Dad and Jason are usually working outside in the garage means that I have fewer distractions. The only real distractions there are my guitar cases sitting in the corner, and my running shoes. They call me and tell me to use them. It’s tempting, and sometimes I give in.

Jason’s concerned, so he’s helping me get more organized. When we come home from school, he’ll tell me to get started on my homework and then go hang out with Kristi. Occasionally, he’ll check in to make sure I’m not stuck. He gave me his agenda because I lost mine, which helps out a lot.

But still, I’m getting really stressed out. If I get mad, or suddenly depressed and worried, my stomach will completely knot up and it’ll stay that way until I do something to distract me. See how this works against me? Sometimes it gets so bad that I actually throw up. I mean, I kinda have to mentally tell myself to, but afterwards, the nausea is gone and it usually doesn’t happen for another week.

Now don’t freak out and start calling me anorexic or some shit.I don’t want to throw up, it’s the worst experience in the world, and I’m not forcing myself to, it’s just that sometimes  I get so worried and have a panic attack, so I do anyway. It doesn’t happen very often, though. It’s only happened two times and it was months ago. I can stop it when I need to, but those two times were times I couldn’t and it just happened.

Anywhore, I have to make a Prezi for my Who Am I project, and I have great ideas for it. Now all I need is more time. I want to finish this Prezi, because the previous times I’ve made a Prezi, I’ve never finished it. If I finish something, I’ll feel more motivated.

Happy Saturday.

– Amy


10 thoughts on “Happy Saturday

  1. I wouldn’t call you anorexic (although bulima is actually the one where you throw up. I had anorexia and never throw up). I do know people who when stressed throw up, it’s a psychological response. I hate homework too and it is an amazing moment when you’re having a bad day and an epic song comes on the radio. It’s nice of Jason to care though :) x


  2. I hate homework too, well maybe not so much, but I would love to show you the pile of it i have all the time. :-)

    I love running. When you run until your body tells you it can’t go another step, and then you take it pushing past. that feeling you get is so grand, you can do anything.


    1. Yes, I have eight classes and each of them gives me a shit ton of homework a day. Stupid College Prep highschool.
      And I agree :) Running helps me clear my head. That’s the main reason I do it.


      1. yes very. The only think I’m questioning about it is if it’ll be worth spending that much money on it, and what if I cant get a job after highschool? But other that that I am.


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