QoW: How do you measure love?

How do you measure love?

For this I have no answer. I am honestly asking YOU this question. People always ask me HOW much I love someone, and I have no way to respond.

Is it even measurable, or can only you know how much you truly love someone?



3 thoughts on “QoW: How do you measure love?

  1. Hi Amy :-)

    You can receive a long answer or an easy one, but when you truly love someone… you know.
    Your heart speeds up when you think about them, a silly smile appears on your face when they phone, you feel so comfortable when you are with them, like life is perfect, and a bit empty when you are apart.

    can you measure it? hmm, no. It is all, or it is none. Like go and stop. When you wake up in the morning.. you smile because you are thinking about them, you run conversations through your head as you fall asleep, the ones you had with them.

    you will know, sometimes it sneaks up on you.. and grows slowly. sometimes it really is the first time you see them.


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