Is it wrong if I feel cold, even when I’m covered in blankets?

It’s like everything just left me.


I know this feeling all too well… and it has returned.

I need something, someone, to help me fight it. Where’s my knight in shining armor? It came and went. Gone.

I suddenly feel trapped, isolated, separated from reality. Maybe I’ve  always been this way and hadn’t realized it.

Or maybe I’m too far into reality. I don’t know.

Either way, something’s not right. Something needs to change. I’ve gone from my spunky, sexual self to a quiet, secluded person who only a few people can see through. I think I’ve changed enough.

I’ve given up friends, my relationship, and more importantly, my music so I could focus on school and get through this. Yet somehow, I’m still getting pushed deeper and deeper into this hole.

I don’t understand.

What did I do wrong? Even after I’ve given up, no, sacrificed everything that brings me happiness and joy, I still fail.

– Amy


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