QoW: Love, Money, or Luck?

Close your eyes. There are three doors in front of you. If you walk though door number one, you will be promised to forever be loved. If you walk through the second door, you will always have money for whatever you want. Finally, if you walk through door three, you will be eternally lucky. If you could only walk through one door, which one would you choose?

My A:

Money is never a priority for me. I don’t need it, and my family has gotten along fine without it. Though eternal riches would be nice, that door is not for me.

Love seems more plausible, more of a necessity. I think my dad’s side of the family has gotten to where we are because we were never afraid to love and be loved back.

However, if I pick luck, I might get a little bit of both. A little bit of money, a little bit of love, and a whole lot of happiness.

But I’m already lucky. I’m lucky enough to have family and friends who want to help me through this situation; Lucky enough to have been able to experience some of the lowest, most depressing parts of my life so I can enjoy the good times more.

So I wouldn’t pick any of the doors. I’d just stay where I am, watching as people greedily pick the wrong door, unaware of what they really have.

Since when did the question of the week turn into a life lesson? Anyway, what door would you choose?

– Amy


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