Welcome to the ASS CRACK

I complain about how much homework I need to do, tell someone how I can’t do what their asking me to do because I have too much homework, and the tell me, “Well, welcome to college prep.” or  “Welcome to IB.”

Uh yeah. I know. That’s why I need to take time to do my homework.  I have no time for this.

And they’ll say, “No one said it would be easy.”

And I’m thinking. Yeah, I knew it would be hard. I’m not arguing with you… I know its hard. I should probably get to work…

Everyone’s trying to convince me that I’ve bit off more that I can chew, going to a school with the name Ronald Wilson Reagan College Preparatory International Baccalaureate World High School.

That is a long ass name. I think it’s scaring everyone else more than it’s scaring me.

I’m getting a little bit behind in work, and my grandma’s already talking about transferring me out of there. No, I can handle this. I just need to have one home instead of living in 5 different houses.

Yay college prep. Yay IB. Yay high school.

– Amy

They should hang a banner above the doors of Reagan saying “Welcome to the ass crack.” Just to sum it up.


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