Good Idea, or Cheesy?

I might sound like a complete dork doing this, but I kind of want to start an advice segment on this blog. I’m good at it, and because I don’t have a social life anymore due to highschool, I need someone to give advice to. It’s almost like I’m addicted to it.

Anyway, here’s how it would work:

I’ll post one of my email addresses (one used specifically for things like this) somewhere on this blog, and anyone is free to email me with his or her question and/or situation. I will gladly help out and give advice to the best of my ability. The question will be answered anonymously in a  post unless I’m specifically asked to answer in a private email response. This allows me to not only help you, but to be able to show anyone else with the same problem that they are not alone and help them as well.

I’m not a person to judge or discriminate, and will do my best to help you,though I am not proclaiming I’m an expert.

Apart from being able to dish out advice, I’m mainly doing this because I know how it feels to have no one else to turn to, or be shot down after laying my heart out on a page. I know that sometimes it’s hard to an adult or even your friends, because there’s a possibility they’ll judge you. In addition, I’ve already been told that there is absolutely no way someone can help me in my situation, therefore I’d like to try my best help others and shine a light on new ideas and possibilities.

It’s cheesy, I’m aware.

But if I started doing that, would anybody actually use it to their advantage? Or does that sound really dumb?

I don’t know.

– Amy


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