Buildings In Space, Two Sunsets, and More Updates

We could potentially build a tower that extends into space.

And what do you have to do to see two sunsets? Just stand up.

Just to update you people on stuff, my mom’s being a royal pain in the ass about living at my dads. I’ve told her numerous times that she deosn’t do anything that a good mother should. I’ve told her that both me AND Jason want to live at my dad’s, and have been trying our best to stay away from that house.  She said, “Until a judge tells me that it is in your best interest to live elsewhere, I won’t agree to it.”

Challenge accepted.

Though I don’t really have time or money to hire an attorney and waste my time going to court for this, it appears I have to. It’s the only way I possibly have a chance to be happy. The only problem is, she’s extremely bipolar, and right now she’s in one of those slap-happy phases where she’s being uber nice about everything. Suddenly she’s all like “Remember, I love you!” and “Amelia are you hungry yet?” or “Let me change your sheets.” (Which, for the record, haven’t been changed since, like, January because she hasn’t done laundry in forever.)

In order for my dad to get custody of us, we’ll have to kick her while she’s down, which means we’ll have to bring it to someone’s attention at the right time. I feel like after we do that, they’ll give her a warning and tell her to improve in a certain amount of time like you see on those animal cop shows all the time.

She puts me down all the time and makes me feel like I’m some kind of animal anyway.

I’m not sure I’m ready for this. I have so many things on my mind already that I can’t concentrate in school… Maybe that’s just the ADD.

Oh yeah, I get the results for that on the 27th of this month. Apparently it take a month for the psychologists to go over the test results. When I actually get help for this is a different story.

It could potentially be a few days, a week, maybe. Probably a month. And then, holy shit! It’s been a year since I’ve first brought this situation to my mother’s attention.

This doesn’t surprise me.

Whatever, all I can do is wait.

– Amy

Also, I’m attempting to post every Monday and Wednesday.


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