QoW: If you won the lottery….

If you won the lottery, how long would you wait to tell people and why?

If I won the lottery, I probably wouldn’t tell anybody. I definitely wouldn’t tell my mom, even if I already spent all the money. She’d still ask for it.

I’d probably wait to tell my family until I got all of my prorities settled. Like I’d pay people back, pay bills, stuff like that. Then I’d start bringing in the hot tubs and in-ground pools. By then, everyone would be suspicious of where I got the money, so it’s either they find out I won the lottery or they think I’m some skilled criminal. (Neither of which is true, I am not skilled, nor am I a thief.) So I’d probably wait a few months.

I’d probably tell Jenna Marbles right away, though. Because then she’ll be like, “Dude, you have a lot of money. let’s go party!” And I’ll be like “Yes, let’s.” And we’ll pick up Abraham Lincoln on the way to ride magical llamas towards the sunset.

Maybe I have my priorities screwed up…

Oh well, it’s sexual Wednesday anyway.

– Amy


4 thoughts on “QoW: If you won the lottery….

    I would tell anyone, but i would stalk a bunch of people. like I would find out ware Motionless in white is, and just rent a car (and someone to drive me) and follow them cx


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