bipolarmuse ♥

Shadows on your skin…

I watch you

as you watch me.

The light from the tv,

brightens and darkens

the room

yet I never lose sight of you.

Your eyes, they hold mine.

I bite my lip, yours hold a smile.

I could go on like this…

travel miles and miles.

Your warm skin, pressed firmly

to mine.

Lets get lost…

Let us stop time.

Kisses, tender and sweet…

one, two, 20 more.

My heart pounds for what’s

in store.

You speak, I melt.

You command, I listen,

I do…

but only for you.

Palm to palm…

fingers intertwined

Fingers locked.

Every moment, of every day…

I could tangle up

and get lost in you.

and I do…

In every way.

 Tangled up

lost in you

Only you

© bipolarmuse 2012

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