Having Doubts and Birthday Presents

I’m having second thoughts about swim.

1) I literally have to babysit my mom in order to get her to sign the papers (which shes still hasn’t done) and I don’t have time for that.

2) I almost failed last year because I couldn’t get my work done, so if I add swim to my schedule, what makes you think I could get it done?

My head hurts, so I can’t think of more reasons. But they’re there.

I know it.

Oh yeah, we don’t money for that stuff. All my birthday money would be going towards something  don’t really want to do.

I actually only remembered now that my birthday is on Saturday. The only present I want from my dad is for him to quit smoking, which he’s doing a great job at cutting down. That would be the best birthday present ever. I don’t need anything else.

– Amy


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