I Should Be Having Fun

So right now it’s 10:27 and I’m sitting by the fire, waiting SO patiently for someone to text me back. We waisted 45 minutes on Darren trying to get the fire started, of which I caught the last 10 minutes on video. Cindy’s in the the camper, drugged up on Benadryl because of gnat bites. But,
Life is great.
But it doesn’t feel like it. I’m surrounded by couples. I’m the only one who doesn’t have my boyfriend or friend up here. It sucks.
My heart hurts for no reason, I’ve been out of energy for the past 3 weeks and now its mandatory that I ride my bike to Polaski for swim.
Depressions hitting me like an abusive parent.
I’m not ready for any of this shit. Blah.
– Amy


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