Dryland and Getting Over Shit

Starting tomorrow, I have to wake up at 6:00 in the morning, ride my bike to Polaski by 9:00 then ride back. The good part of summer is officailly over. I can no longer sleep in.
Ill get over it.
Also, to people like me who have no money, no class, and no friends, it hurt when you insult or question our intelligence. It’s all we have.
I go for ADD testing on August 30 and at this point, this ADD thing is so old I don’t even care anymore. I just want my mom to stay out of my life.
While I want her to stay out of my life, I’m trying to keep other people in it. I need them and its getting really hard to keep them by my side.
Oh, one other thing: I left my awesome sunglasses at the US Cellular store and my brother refused to go back and get them. When we called the store, apparently someone else already picked them up. To the gay black guy who stole my sunglasses, fuck you in the vagina you wish you had. I loved those motherfuckers:
– Amy

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