I’m Ready For This Shit To Change

Kudos to you, sir, for cheating on her as long as you did, for striding towards happiness while still being there to support us as long as you did. Unfortunately, you got your stupid as caught in a white hot spotlight.

Now that you were caught, Skippy and I will proceed to shrivel up and die. No groceries, dirty dishes all the time and no running water in the bathroom will continue to be problems. Not to mention the bugs that live in the bath tub will have more offspring and eventually gross me out so much I will shit bricks and throw them at you.

The really unfortunate thing here is that no matter how bad my brother and I want to move out, we can’t. The reasons being that my mom is an unreasonable control freak who is deathly afraid of being alone, and that we’re poor as fuck, so we have no time or money to pay more lawyers. (Seriously, my dad moved out of a small house in the ghetto and into a bigger house in the ghetto and that was a step up for us.)

To those of you with parents who get along and who care about you: You are lucky. It could always be worse. I could start raging and say “Fuck you happy people.”, but I won’t. My brain hurts and I got no sleep last night.

Also, to the 4 people who want my face: Why, and you can give me $25K and we’ll trade for a week. But that’s it. I need it back before school.

To the people who want to fuck me: Not going happen angel-face.

I want change.

But I still love you, whores.

– Amy


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