Random Crap Tuesday 7/31

That’s all I got people. Happy Random Crap Tuesday motherfuckers.



Let’s see if we can recruit some new followers and get this blog to 5,000 views by September! By then it’ll be a year since I started blogging for Skonecki’s class. And I know that by then most of you will get bored with this whole blogging idea and think I’m a dork for still doing this, so more followers would be nice.

Surprisingly, I miss my eight grade class. Even Skonecki, who I’m still sure is working for the government to protect our Twinkie factories.

– Amy

Dude, You’re Pissing Me Off

I’m so pissed off.

I told my dad to take me back to my mom’s on his way to work so I could get ready for swim practice.

He forgot about me.

Now the swim team’s pissed at me and they’re giving me ways that it could’ve worked out. I’m fucking sorry.

I need everyone to shut up. My brain hurts and I can feel the depression coming back. Now is not the time. I’m starting to get pissed at every little thing and I feel so unwelcome… I know that feeling, and I hate it.

What makes it worse is when people constantly rip on you (not even in a joking way, trust me.) and you’re just sitting there reading the insults, slowly being convinced it’s true. It really pisses me of when people say “Stop acting like you mother.”

That’s unimaginably offensive.

I do more and try harder than that woman ever has in her life. Just because I’m not feeling good and don’t feel like doing anything doesn’t mean I’m a lazy piece of shit.

I’m not ready for school, either. That has me more stressed out. I don’t have money for anything. I need:

  • New shoes
  • School clothes
  • School supplies
  • Swim suit
  • Swim cap
  • Money for a team swim suit
  • Running shoes

by August 13th.

My mom’s car doesn’t even work because we don’t have money to fix that. Now I need to pay my brother to drive me around. Ha, I’m broke.

And, on top of that, I need to decide whether I want to be able to ride my bike places and see my friends while living at my mom’s house, or be happy almost all the time and be able to concentrate while living at my dads house on the other side of the fucking world.

What the fuck. Help me.


Dryland and Getting Over Shit

Starting tomorrow, I have to wake up at 6:00 in the morning, ride my bike to Polaski by 9:00 then ride back. The good part of summer is officailly over. I can no longer sleep in.
Ill get over it.
Also, to people like me who have no money, no class, and no friends, it hurt when you insult or question our intelligence. It’s all we have.
I go for ADD testing on August 30 and at this point, this ADD thing is so old I don’t even care anymore. I just want my mom to stay out of my life.
While I want her to stay out of my life, I’m trying to keep other people in it. I need them and its getting really hard to keep them by my side.
Oh, one other thing: I left my awesome sunglasses at the US Cellular store and my brother refused to go back and get them. When we called the store, apparently someone else already picked them up. To the gay black guy who stole my sunglasses, fuck you in the vagina you wish you had. I loved those motherfuckers:
– Amy

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I’m Ready For This Shit To Change

Kudos to you, sir, for cheating on her as long as you did, for striding towards happiness while still being there to support us as long as you did. Unfortunately, you got your stupid as caught in a white hot spotlight.

Now that you were caught, Skippy and I will proceed to shrivel up and die. No groceries, dirty dishes all the time and no running water in the bathroom will continue to be problems. Not to mention the bugs that live in the bath tub will have more offspring and eventually gross me out so much I will shit bricks and throw them at you.

The really unfortunate thing here is that no matter how bad my brother and I want to move out, we can’t. The reasons being that my mom is an unreasonable control freak who is deathly afraid of being alone, and that we’re poor as fuck, so we have no time or money to pay more lawyers. (Seriously, my dad moved out of a small house in the ghetto and into a bigger house in the ghetto and that was a step up for us.)

To those of you with parents who get along and who care about you: You are lucky. It could always be worse. I could start raging and say “Fuck you happy people.”, but I won’t. My brain hurts and I got no sleep last night.

Also, to the 4 people who want my face: Why, and you can give me $25K and we’ll trade for a week. But that’s it. I need it back before school.

To the people who want to fuck me: Not going happen angel-face.

I want change.

But I still love you, whores.

– Amy

Updates For You Whores

For the past week I’ve been drinking nothing but water and riding my bike about 20 miles a day.


Now I feel like “Jason’s little sister” instead of “Becca’s cousin”. I give you permission to call me that now.

I’m starting to realize that Jason isn’t such a bad guy after all. Apart from his occasional douchebag moves, he’s a normal person. (Based on standards for our family.)

Anywhore, back on the bike riding topic, I gained 5 pounds in pure leg muscles. I am happy with that.

I rode to Perry’s house on Friday to surprise him! :D Maybe I’ll surprise one of you peoples. Because I love you whores.

This is one of those posts where I have no clue where it’s going. Bare with me. Oh, updates on stuff, right.

Jason’s leg vagina looks less like a leg vagina now! It’s starting to look like actual skin.

Were still living at my mom’s house, but I think now that I can actually get out of the house, I can go somewhere else to focus.

That reminds me, ADD is getting worse and I’m still not getting help. I might as well get used to it. There are times when I love ADD, though, because it makes me creative. I have an awesome music video idea for Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”. It involves robots and flying and a random black guy on top of a building.

Trust me, it looks cool inside my brain.

Well, that’s all I can remember. Who all reads this still? And why?

– Amy

Random Crap Tuesday 7/10

I feel like doing a “Random Crap Tuesday” thing. Unfortunately by the time I post this it won’t be Tuesday anymore.

But I started writing this at 11:59 on a Tuesday night so technically it’s still Random Crap Tuesday.





Okay, that’s all I got. I havn’t been on the internet lately. Instead, I’ve been riding my bike in an attempt to get in shape for swim.

I’m not in shape at all.

Hopefully I’ll lose weight too. Face it, I’m a fatass.

Anywhore, I need to write a separate post about updates on some things…


Dear Best Friend

Dear best friend,

I love you more daily.

I wish you could see yourself the way I see you, and I wish you could love yourself the way I love you.

And above all I wish that your life is everything you deserve, because in my opinion, you deserve the world. 

I will stand by you forever and my heart will always belong to you.”

– Amy