Random Crap Tuesday 5/29

Over the weekend I went to Emily’s and we video chatted with Morgan (a.k.a. murf.E) for a while. He was busy working on the music video for his new song, but he made time for us because we’re awesome. In the process, Emily and I drank three Monsters and were somehow still tired. Morgan fell asleep while we were skyping him, and I fell asleep shortly after. Apparently Emily’s monster kicked after everyone else fell asleep, but mine never did. Am I immune to it or something? It’s so weird.

Okay, here’s the video. I’m warning you, it’s completely random, but listen to the whole thing.

And now, random pictures I discovered on my computer.

Ew. These are all sappy and motivational and stuff. It makes me want to puke.

 And those all have to do with stuff that relates to school. I guess we can settle for Marvin the sandwich turtle, then. Marvin likes potatoes and cheese. Fear him.


I just want to make people aware of this, so here is a video I saw as an ad on a Youtube video. It’s disturbing, so don’t watch if you cant stand disgusting stuff. But it’s so sad…


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