Llama? Like A Sir.

I have discovered something of value:

The power of music.

Music can bring people down as the artist sings his/her emotions in your ear, forcing you to understand the pain, or music can make people extremely happy. Hell, music can save lives. Say some depressed kid is about to kill himself, when suddenly he finds a song that he can relate to. That song lets the kid know that he is not alone and that others feel his pain too. Spirits finally lifted, the kid goes out and eats a bunch of ice cream. Congrats, life saved.

The End.

Anyway, I know there is one song that alllllllways makes me happy. I smile uncontrollably when I hear it.

Death Cab For Cutie – Stay Young, Go Dancing

Random stuff:

Llama? Llama like a sir.

And the only reason Ally hates Somebody That I Used To Know is because it has the same melody as Baa Baa Black Sheep.

The sad part about that is when I saved it to my desktop, I named it “somebody sampled black sheep”…

Because we’re talking about Gotye and sheep, I have to add this:

Gotye in traffic –

And this:



7 thoughts on “Llama? Like A Sir.

    And I absolutely love that song by them. It can’t be described with real words. Maybe made up words like amzingfantasticalawesomeness. Maybe.


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