Always Forward Chain Letters

I think everyone goes through a phase where they think the world is out to get them or nothing is going their way. I was going through that phase a while ago, and now I realize that yeah, nothing was going my way. It still isn’t. My mom’s a psychopath, no one believes I have ADD, I’m failing, and I’m 13 years old and involved with the FBI. (Don’t ask.)

Yet, being a Bloch, I suck it up and laugh it off. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just a walking bad luck charm. Everywhere I go, people are getting hurt or bad things are happening to them. Look at my dad, Fred, Jason, Sue, Zeth, Klaus, Courtney (not Crippen) and my grandpa.

That translates into my bad luck because everything that happens to them finds a way to affect me.

I’ve been having bad luck for a while now, maybe two years. Around that time my brother sent me one of those stupid chain letters and I didn’t forward it. It said if I didn’t forward it to ten people, I would have continuous bad luck for seven years. I blew it off and deleted it, and I know now that it was a bad idea. Look what happened.

So, lesson learned, always forward  those stupid emails.


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