Why Steve Calls Me Chewie

My dad’s friend, Steve has been calling me Chewie for a few months now, and here’s why:

One night, Steve thought he’d stop by and bring some DVD about drag racing. I didn’t want to watch it, but I did, just to make my dad happy.

I was a little sick, so my voice sounded all crackly and gross.

I was sitting on the couch next to my brother because Steve had stolen my spot. I wasn’t happy with him.

Anyway, Cheaters came on TV and of course they had some of those really odd couples. I’m not really going to list the reasons this certain couple was odd, because there are so many and you just wouldn’t be able to picture them. The cheating couple was so messed up that it made me say, “WOOOOOOOOW.” in one of my weird voices. That, combined with a sick voice that made me sound like Jason hitting puberty, apparently made me sound a lot like Chewbacca. (Or like THIS)

Now, whenever Steve comes over, he’ll greet me with, “Chewie! Chewie! Chewie!”

A few weeks ago when we went midnight bowling and it was my turn, he stood behind me chanting the same thing, trying to mess me up. Unfortunately for him, it only made me do better. Score one for Chewie.

So, yeah. That’s why one of my MANY nicknames is Chewie.

While I’m on the subjects of nicknames, I want everyone to call me Amy from now on. After all, the only reason I was called Amelia is because there was already an Amy in the same class at my old school. I used to only let special people call me Amy, but somehow everyone thinks they’re special. So I’ll let them be.

While I’m on the subject of Steve, tell me why Mr. Skonecki always has to use “Bob and Steve…” as an example? Like, “Say ‘Bob’s a good man and hard worker, but Steve is kind of a slacker.’” and “Who cares if Bob and Steve hold hands while they’re walking down the sidewalk?” Saying that my dad’s name is Bob and his best friend is Steve,



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