Updates on People

Jason has his driver’s license now and we bought him a new bike.  He also has a job interview on Friday! Wish him luck.

While I was at the bike shop, I saw this bike and I want it:

 It’s $419, though, so I’ll have to save up. It’s still cheaper than all three of Jason’s bikes combined.

Jason texted me last night. It looked a little like this:

 Skippy: You’re not getting crap until you get your grades up.

Me: I’m trying, just chill…

Skippy: Lies. Don’t make me come in there and talk to Mr. Skonecki because he loves me and he’ll do what I ask. 

My comeback:

Me: I know where you live.

Ooo I bet he’s scared now.

Mother’s Day is coming up… This ought to be fun. My mom is still going through all of my stuff, trying to find things she can give to my little cousin. She acts like I’m dying or something.

That awkward moment when you’re riding in the car with you’re grandma and there are two crows mating in the middle of the road and they’re not allowing you to get through.

Also, that awesome moment when you have one of those epic-slow-mo-running-start hugs with your best friend. ‘Tis awesome.


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