My Thoughts on Gilbert

For our homograph-story-thing, I wrote a story about Gilbert. It’s all about his plan to annoy me and so on. And because I have nothing else to write about, here it is. The homographs get really annoying, but this is exactly what happens:

I sit behind the big slab of wood, patiently waiting for the girl with the can to walk away. Slowly, I creep forward and I can feel my back scrape against the wood. It makes a sound, but the sound is very minute in such a large space. After about a minute, she leaves. My six legs are aching terribly as I scramble out from the wood trim and across the dark wall. Suddenly, a loud boom erupts from the doorway. The girl is back.

And she has brought the can.

Being an ant, quickly running up a wall is easy. However, when you have been running for hours on end, your legs don’t work as well.

A shadow envelopes me and the spray can being aimed at me is suddenly apparent. The can smells strangely of dried leaves. I reached the light wall, well aware that she couldn’t reach me, though the light shining on me made me perfectly visible.

I am successful in my attempt to tick the girl off, because now she can’t grab envelopes off of the desk to squish me with or spray me with insect killer. 

I will now rub it in her face.

Yep. That’s why Gilbert is not a nice ant, and when I kill him, you people will be the first to know.


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