I was thinking about Jason’s accident and that made me think about how Jason contacted Jay Olstad a few years ago about speeding cars. Who knew that four years later, he would get hit by a speeding car himself? He didn’t get hit on Hawley, but I still find it kind of ironic.

We quit doing this because, face it, the same news story gets boring after four years. Jay also moved someplace else, so it would have been impossible to do it again anyhow.

Jason did Speedbusters for three years, and I was just looking back at some of the footage. I was unable to find the first year’s video online, however, I did find the second and third:

First Year (Article)

Second Year

Third Year

Also I saw this on the news this morning; That’s my friend’s dad… You think you know some people…



6 thoughts on “Speedbusters

  1. that is too bad about your friends father. i hope both of you are ok. also, it is true…people who molest children don’t have a sign on their back saying, “I’m a child molester.” In fact, they are usually very charming. be careful and i really hope you didn’t hang out in this guys trailer.


    1. Well I was friends with his daughter so of course i did… not recently but like years ago when i was in like 4th grade. Nothing like that happened. This is really weird for me because it someone that i know and trusted… my whole family trusted him and now I’ll probably never be able to see my friend again. She was the only girl i could relate to in the whole campground… idk its weird.. creepy..


      1. it’s really too bad for your friend. when i was in 9th grade, my girlfriend’s father was abusing all 4 of his daughters and any other girl that went into their house! of course the girls ended up friendless because of their father. i lost a good friend because of that dick and she ended up with a completely shitty life…drugs, alcohol, depression. it happens to a lot of people.


      2. I hope that doesn’t happen to my friend… This is all so weird… especially since he was a high ranking cop and my whole family trusted him enough to let me have sleepovers at his camper… and the sad part is that this happened at the campground.. all of it. If i feel this betrayed, i cant imagine what their family feels like..


      3. there is someone you can trust: yourself. i want to share something with you that helped me when i was going through a lot of the same crap you are. i started reading about Yoga…not the american kind…the indian kind by a real indian Yogi. it helped me believe in myself and see the things that were happening around me in a different way. it’s not a quick fix, actually it’s slow as hell, but it did and does work for me. if you decide to try it, i hope it helps you. cause right now it seems like the dump-truck of life is dropping a load of shit on you. you can rise above.


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