Shows I Really Miss

Original Scooby Doo

Face it, the new versions of Scooby Doo are crap. The original is the shiz. Nothing can replace it’s classic theme song or cheesy sound effects.

I remember coming home from school, plopping down next to my Scooby stuffed animals, and doing my homework. At about 5:00 or so I would pick a tape and watch that episode until I fell asleep. And I’ll be honest, every single one of those monsters scared the absolute crap out of me.


For those of you who have never watched Chalk-Zone, I am deeply sorry. That show taught me how to properly write stuff on every object I could find.

The little blue thing that’s supposed to be Rudy’s friend was my imaginary friend until they canceled the show. We went on adventures together. Like the “Let’s go ride a unicorn on a rainbow of Skittles!” adventures. Then when they canceled the show I freaked out and started having nightmares about Rudy staring at me while I slept…

Yeah, it was pretty weird.

Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends  


WHY, CARTOON NETWORK, WHY!? You could have made so much money on this show! Taking my favorite people (Bloo, Cocoa, and… CHEESE!) away from me is not acceptable. Bring them back and let them be my imaginary friends again.

The new Cartoon Network sucks. Bring back the good stuff.


I’m sure some of you have seen this before, right? If not, then I feel pretty stupid.

The mere mention of this show brings back childhood memories.

This show used come on right before Dragon Tales, but I would only catch the last few minutes of it. The lemur-monkey-thing is amazing. The fake one, however, creeped me out. I hated finding out it was fake. That, like, crushed my dreams.

Dexter’s Laboratory

Favorite memory of this show: When my grandma came in and told us that my sister was having a baby and that his name was going to be Dexter, too. I was seven years old and Jason and I were sleeping over at my grandma’s house for the weekend.

I honestly have no clue why I was hooked on this show or how I even started watching it, but it made me feel like one awesome kid. And come on, who doesn’t like Dexter’s Lab? Bro knows his stuff.

As Told By Ginger

Now that I think about it, when this show was on, I had no idea what was going on. Now I understand it, but when I was little I just watched it because it was on. Eventually I got hooked and they never aired it again.

My favorite character was Ginger (duh) but that’s only because the rest of the characters were ugly. Don’t worry, I am not that judgmental anymore. I didn’t understand anything they were saying so I just judged the show by the characters.

I wonder why they killed the show; I guess TV networks just hate me.

Invader Zim

Jason was the one who originally showed me Invader Zim. I feel like the show’s characters are being abused. Everyone thinks, “Oh, I’m going to become obsessed with Gir because that’s what’s cool now.”

No. Just no.

You’re either a fan of both Zim and Gir, or you’re not a fan at all. Most of the people who buy Invader Zim stuff don’t even like the show. I miss this and can rarely find it on TV. WTF.

There are plenty more, but I think this post is too long already and I don’t feel like thinking much. My brain is fried, which is why my writing probably sucks right now.


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