Completely Inappropriate Songs That Are Stuck In My Head (And Other Stuff)

As you all know, I listen to a lot of inappropriate music. Like, COMPLETELY inappropriate stuff. I also listen to hipster music and rap.

My brain is oh so messed up.

Anyway, here’s a list of songs that are stuck in my head right this second. Beware, they are weird.

  • Oh Bo – Bo Burnham
  • We Like Them Girls –  Your Favorite Martian
  • Words Words Words – Bo Burnham
  • My Balls – Your Favorite Martian
  • Stereotype Song –  Your Favorite Martian
  • Addicted – Saving Abel (It’s not that inappropriate)

Yeah, feel free to look these up. I’m too lazy to put up a link. The sad part about this is that I listen to these songs, like, every day.

And while I’m getting all my blondness out, I’d like to tell you about my completely normal life.

After talking to the doctor about ADD, my mom gave me my phone back because she realized I’m actually trying to pass. Also, she discovered that when you plug something in, it conducts something called electricity, so you see a spark. I could say a few things here, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Being related to her insults my intelligence… and that’s the only thing I have. Anyway, the next step in figuring out whether or not I have ADD is going to see a Neuropsychologist. I don’t know if God exists, but if he does, he made me the most awesome nerd in the world. No, galaxy, since we are studying “life elsewhere”. Send me to Jupiter or Uranus (had to say it. It’s Sexual Wednesday.) or something, because I don’t belong here.

Am I even talking about the same thing anymore? I don’t know. May your Wednesday be filled with Jenna Marbles and joy.


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