Loss of Ideas

I don’t know what to say anymore. All of my ideas are lost.

At least my face isn’t all swollen today because of crying. That was awful. I felt like I got malled by a bear.

Emily’s giving up on our friendship. She said so last night.

Also, another body was found in McGovern Park. That’s the same place Pervis and Quadravian were found… I miss them. They went missing a few years ago and drowned or something.



5 thoughts on “Loss of Ideas

  1. It’s ok if you are having a rough time. every single person on this planet has this happen to them. it takes a lot of courage to just say so. you are brave. i support you in your current nothingness and i know that when you emerge from this you will have learned something about yourself. i’m using mental telepathy to send you support…Just Kidding…i’m using ESP (not really either). Take it easy and be nice to yourself.


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