Why Mr. Skonecki Is Really Making Us Blog Everyday

Within the first few days of school, Mr. Skonecki made us create a WordPress account and told us to write a blog post every day. He told us blogging would improve our writing. While I must admit it has, I believe there is another reason.

Mr. Skonecki, along with the rest of adults, is working with the government to turn us into stalkers. After blogging every day, most of us check other people’s blogs to see what they did yesterday or this morning or whenever. He’s making us do this for a grade too. And without thinking about why we’re doing all of this, we just go right ahead and do it. It has become a habit.

The main plan, I figured out, is to turn us into expert stalkers so we can spy on other countries. After all, isn’t it important to know if Russia is building a bomb, or if Japan is secretly planning to steal our  Twinkies so they can have the world’s biggest people? What if Japan and Russia are working together to destroy Twinkie factories? Americans might actually become *dun, dun, dun..* thin.

Ahh… I don’t know. Next time you put up a blog post, think about why you’re doing it and who will see it. The government is tracking our progress on the Stalker Meter.

I think we’re Mr.Skonecki’s favorite class. We start mosh pits on the playground, throw oranges at each other, and make up stories about him secretly being part of the government. He loves us.



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