I See What You Did There

All of these apply to someone I know. ;)

On second thought, ignore the winky face. Winky faces are awkward. And creepy.


5 thoughts on “I See What You Did There

  1. can’t get to your blog again today. some page not found message. anyhoo…saw your post on government turning us into stalkers. am wondering what your thoughts are about the difference between being stalked and being followed? do you think their is a difference?


    1. Ahh I see. I had to edit that post a few times so I took it down but it will be up again later today or tomorrow morning. I have to do that sometimes as these posts are for a grade. Also, it depends what type of following you are referring to. Being followed around the grocery store could be considered stalking. “Following” as in “following what people are up to and supporting them”, like on twitter or politics, (two totally different things, I know) couldn’t really be considered stalking.


      1. Haha. Yes. I think I’m going to make an animation about ducks following their mother and being like little spies along the way.. lol thanks for the idea. (I plan to become an animator someday)


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