The Cost of Living Across the Street From A Cemetery

A few weeks ago, I took my dogs on a much needed stroll through the cemetery. Usually they  would roam around, staying in my sight, and go about their business. But on that day, something was different about their behavior. At the base of the chapel hill,  both dogs, walking together, stopped. They both looked at the air in front of them. Mojo growled, and the fur on his back stood up. Mya stood there with her tail between her legs, just staring into space. Then, at the same time, they both turned around and walked towards me, half running, half walking.  I decided to walk forward, up the hill, just to see what they would do, but they stayed behind. I realized I had lost this strange battle, and headed toward home.

A few days later, Karl told me the same thing had happened when he took the dogs for a walk. He said Mojo suddenly got spooked. Recently, these scratches have been appearing on my hand and arms. I have no clue where they came from or when they got there. (I even woke up this morning with a scratch on my hand that wasn’t there when I went to bed.)

Mya sleeps on my bed every night, and I’m wondering if the same thing that was spooking the dogs in the cemetery followed them home and is now creeping around me. It’s all very eerie…

Other possible haunted places in the Milwaukee area:


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