You Think You Have A Clue

You really have no clue. I was ranting in my head a few minutes before, after throwing my phone at the wall a few times and knocking over lamps and stuff. But now, I’m just calm. I’m just here. I’m not doing anything, not thinking anything or planning to, for that matter. I’m done. I’ve had my breakdown.

So this morning my dad drops us off at 6:30. Well, we usually have to leave at 6:30, for those of you who don’t know. About 10 minutes later, Craig pulls into the driveway. Then my mom tells me, ” Craig picking you up today.”

No kidding.

So I had no time to get ready or even change into clean clothes. But that’s okay because I don’t even have clean clothes.

For all of the stupid people that think I stay home for no reason, I don’t.  Do you really think I want to stay at my mom’s house when I could be at school with my friends, happy? Most of the time I stay home because I’m sick. My doctor tells me that I’m lactose intolerant. Gee, could God make me any whiter? After spending the weekend at my black neighbor’s house, I really feel white. Like albino. Anyway, so every time I have some sort of dairy, I get sick for the next 2 days. This weekend I sat in the bathroom because I thought I was going to throw up, and in turn got no sleep. All because I drank a glass of milk.

Then, there have been a lot of times where no  one told me what was happening. ( Like now.) So then I have no time to get ready for school without making everyone a half hour late. Do you know that Reagan starts earlier than Burdick? Oh, Forrest Gump won’t let me forget it.

Now I’m in a horrible mood and my phone may or may not be broken.

Happy… happy… just have to stay happy.


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