Everything Will Be Okay

I have no clue why, but all of my stuff is dying this year. My TV died, my laptop’s hard drive killed itself, my PS2 died, and my step-dad’s laptop can’t stay on for five minutes without overheating. I got so bored one time, that I solved a rubiks cube. You can’t do that if you’re having fun…

On the way to my dad’s house, we have to pass by the old house. When we got to the intersection on Hampton, we noticed a crowd of people fighting in the gas station near our old place. A cop pulled up, driving right over the curb, opened their doors and pulled out their guns. My dad stepped on the gas, swerving around other cars to make sure we wouldn’t be the victim of a stray bullet. I’m glad we don’t live across the street from the anymore.

I took a picture of the livingroom window at my dad’s. I took it at about 7:00, a little bit after we got home. I had to battle with the blinds just so I could take the picture. The sacrifices I make… Anyway, the picture wouldn’t load last night, so I’ll have to post it Monday.

We figured out my dad has something wrong with his brain! The neurologist called him and told him that part of his brain is dead due to lack of blood flow when his artery collapsed. That explains his recent memory loss.

Also,I found another one of Dan Hertzfeldt’s animations. This is one of his more serious ones. The animation is about Bill, an everyday man harboring a mental illness.  The film follows him through his daily life, telling you his thoughts while he’s doing certain things. Slowly, as a result of his treatment and over-thinking life, Bill goes insane and gets ill. After watching this, I looked at life a little differently. I noticed how we take our daily routine for granted and how much our life is, in fact, just a routine. At first, the film seems really boring and meaningless, but after you watch it for a while, it sort of draws you in.

Someone commented,

“Is it the illness? Or is it the constantly attentive perception of his life and the world around him, and the nagging feeling that life is a horribly strange, dehumanizing, isolating, and pointless experience that brought about psychosis in Bill? I think Bill thought too much about his life and routine, and experienced anxiety and psychosis over the absurdity of life. Footage of a man’s face bleeding played over and over on tv, a manatee watching him while he slept. Insanity in every day life.”

I guess you could call it educational, because a little while ago we had to write a story about a day in another man’s shoes and this fits perfectly.

But don’t watch it now. It’s, like, 20 minutes long and it doesn’t make sense if you watch 30 seconds in the middle, or even 30 seconds in the beginning.


One thought on “Everything Will Be Okay

  1. There is safety in routine…but Life is risk. Keep doing what you are doing. You are taking a risk every time you share a part of who you are with others. I love your stories! (Grammar is a good skill to have but it is mainly for editors (teachers) not for story tellers…and you are a very good story teller.)


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