Yesterday was not a productive day for me. I sat around watching youtube videos all day. In that time, I figured out that I want to become an animator. I don’t know why I suddenly want to do that, but Emily says I should build on that idea. My dad is a graphic designer so I’m thinking he could help me with that. Even though I have more important stuff to worry about, that’s something I want to do: Make an animation. I could make stupid little animations like this. Skip to 0:33.


5 thoughts on “Animator?

  1. Nice I’m going to keep you in my contacts for future jobs to help me when I I become a movie director :) Perry is in my contacts to so I can make one of his games a movie like Resident Evil. Muahahah!


    1. cool :) My first animation will be of these little creatures who live in the toe of a shoe left in the parking lot at goodwill. They will be squished by toes. >:D lol I will turn Emily’s idea into something magical :D


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