Whoever Thought Music Was A Good Idea Should Be Loved

Music is amazing. There is probably a song for every single good or bad situation out there.

You know you love life when you have basically been given the middle finger by everyone and everything, yet you still keep smiling and keep trying. I finally got all of my homework done for once! I never thought I was going to say that… and I found out my brother was bragging about my WKCE scores to all of his friends. Apparently he was saying how amazed and proud he was.

It’s nice to have a day of just listening to music and not caring what the world thinks of you. I solved a rubiks cube. Don’t believe me because I don’t have a picture? I don’t care. I know I did it, but I guarantee you I couldn’t do it again if I tried. Anyway, my point is, not caring what people think about you and just focusing on what you need to do (not anyone else’s problems) is the key to happiness. I’m not saying, forget about everyone else and be a butt about everything, I’m simply saying don’t try to make everyone else happy. It is not possible and if you look at it this way then you think like: “Oh, they hate me?  Who cares. Oh I made her day? Aw I feel special.” My mom said thinking like that doesn’t work because she tried it. Apparently she tried not caring. No, she tried not caring about the filth she lives in. That’s different.

Another thing I found out during this… exciting year, is that when you think, at least for me, you start to think about the bad things. I have no clue how, but find someway to turn that around.  It was weird, yesterday morning I seriously thought, “Maybe something good will happen after all of this.” By ‘this’ I mean:

  • My mom being… a wenis (like the thing on your elbow, not anything that relates to Lady Gaga)
  • My dad’s artery collapsing
  • My brother’s accident
  • Emily’s break up
  • Craig’s heart attack
  • Relationship drama…
  • Craig and Kelly’s divorce
  • My laptop’s hard drive killing itself
  • Being forced to live at my mom’s

Believe it or not, all of that effects me.  It has almost nothing to do with the events themselves, but the order in which they occur. Getting back onto the subject, I had a happy, non-depressing thought that wasn’t about Jenna Marbles! Wow I just lost my train of thought… “I Like to Move it, Move it” came on Pandora.

Random good things that have happened this year:

  • My dad moved to a better neighborhood
  • My brother’s still alive and remembers me
  • Emily and I have gotten so much closer. It’s awesome.
  • I got my guitar and am teaching myself
  • I have a neighbor who is helping me with art
  • My dad really loves us
  • My dad got a new job offer! It’s closer, pays more, and the boss is more lenient
  • My friends happened :)

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