Facebook and murf.E

Another one of my family members is in the hospital this morning. Craig had a heart attack yesterday after eating at a restaurant. This year has been exciting.

I’m pretty sure that once everyone has the timeline profile, no one will like Facebook anymore. They will all resort to twitter and blogging. Soon, Facebook will be the new Myspace and Myspace… well, it’ll be in the same category as pagers and phones with cords. I think television is slowly dying off as well. I could survive without TV, but as soon as you take my internet away, I’m lost. I might actually be forced to crawl out of my house and see sunlight.

These past few days I’ve sat on my butt on done nothing but work on my WWII collage. When I was cleaning out my locker, I accidentally threw the whole packet away, so now I’m going to look like a loner when I don’t turn it in.

Also, check out my other 5 zillion blog posts below.(You don’t have to, Mr. Skonecki.)  They are from this weekend when I had nothing better to do and I could think. I could actually get on my step dad’s laptop, which happens only once in a lifetime in my house. My parents are too bust playing their online poker and looking for concert tickets we can’t afford. And another thing: My parents bought electronic cigarettes, yet they still smoke. IN THE HOUSE. I swear, they’re trying to kill me.

And, just to say something random, I’d like to show you guys murf.E. (I know him through Emily and Becca.) He makes techno music and all of that fancy stuff. Check him out and show him some love. (The “Come Sail Away” remix is pretty awesome too!)


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