Thinking, Cheating, and Emily

During these past few hours of game playing and chip eating, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I’ve been thinking about how much easier it would be if I lived at my dad’s. Though he lives on the very edge of the north side of Milwaukee and driving to and from the south side everyday would be difficult, I still think it would do everyone good mentally. I have no problem doing homework at my dad’s or any other place that isn’t that depressing house. I would walk to the library to do my homework, as long as someone would come with me. I’m dependent like that. But that wouldn’t work out due to the fact that my brother goes to a different school, therefore he gets out at a later time and is too far away from the library to walk. And he really can’t walk right now. Obviously.

When I’m thinking about stuff, I usually listen to music. After searching through all of the 20 songs on my phone, I found Billionaire, and figured out that the base line is really cool. Next time you go on youtube or something, plug in your headphones and press them into your ears so you can hear the base better. It’s amazing. Both Emily and I agree that only the best songs have awesome base lines.

Another thing I do when I think is talk to Emily. She’s awesome, thinks just like me, and is a lot of help when I have a problem. I hate it that I barely get to see her now… But whatever, we still talk and I’m still her little sister.

I’ve also (I don’t know why I was thinking about this) thinking about ways to cheat.* A good example is using the newspaper nail design. Instead of putting useless words on your nails, you could put answers on them. You’d either have to be able to read backwards or flip the text around.  This would have come in handy when we had the preamble quiz. But I obviously didn’t use that because I failed and don’t give a crap about my nails.

I had more I thought of, but I got distracted. I’ll add them later, hopefully by Monday.

*I have not used nor tested these methods in any way. I am not responsible if you get caught or if your student uses this methods to make them seem smart when they’re actually really stupid. Cheating is wrong. DON’T do it.*


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