I don’t want to live at my mom’s house

I’m tired of it. I need a way to live at my dads and fast. Like maybe I could stay at a friends house until my dad picks me up at six. He would have  to drive from New Berlin to South Milwaukee… but I would pay him for gas.

I would do anything. I WOULD FRICKEN PAY.

I don’t want to do homework here, I don’t want to play guitar, draw, or even eat here. I DON’T WANT TO LIVE HERE.

“Socializing is too big of a priority to her.” No, my friends are like my family. My “family” and ninja are at school and the only way I can communicate with them outside of school is talking on the phone or texting. (BTW my ninja is special, she gets her own category. :P)

It’s all dark and depressing and I hate this house. Light burns my eyes when I walk outside. I feel like a vampire. Not cool.

Anyway, the only homework I turn in is stuff I finish in school or at my dad’s. Yay. I’m having fun writing this. Not. I keep losing my train of thought.

Weeeeee fairies….

I need sleep. It’s 7:16pm. I’m going to bed because I have nothing better to do.


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