Thank you :D

Good morning, hair. Aren’t you looking looking emo this morning!

Kristen and Ally and Emily and Jason are going to help me get my grades up. We only have 60 days of school left, though…

Let’s see: I did absolutely nothing. Just kidding! Woooow I’m hyper today.


Calm down.

Calm yourself…

You’re acting like Jenna Marbles walked in or something…

Okay, I’m good. Anyway, I was on the phone with Ally while she was taking care of a child, which was… interesting. She read me a story about hippos with belly buttons. Not every friend does that.

I’m slowly learning to play “Stairway to Heaven” (including the solo) and “Safe and Sound” on guitar. I learned the rest of ” What it’s Like” a few days ago. I think I’m doing pretty well for teaching myself.

Oh, and I spent all day shooting beer cans in my backyard. What? Don’t look at me like I’m some redneck.


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