End of the Tunnel

You remember when I said, “Experience has taught me when to say something and when to keep my mouth shut.”?

Here’s what it means:

Sometimes when your stuck in a rut, its better to just lay low. Just stay calm and save your energy, tell everyone what they want to hear while you’re walking through that tunnel. Keep that boulder that’s chasing you at bay. Then, when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you make your final sprint (that’s why you were saving up your energy) and don’t look back, don’t look at that boulder chasing you and head for the light like a giant stupid moth. Then you reach the end of the tunnel and the dumb moth part of you is burnt up, the boulder is stopped and Indiana Jones is still alive, the end.

But unfortunately in my situation, that boulder’s fat self is being affected by gravity and rolling down the tunnel faster than I can walk. So now I’m forced to sprint when the light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere in site. Soon the boulder will roll right over me and it will be too late to run toward the end of the tunnel because I’ll be a cripple.


Anyway, that’s the reason I feel like a bag of moldy sausages everyday.


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