More GRR

Last night I went to my dad’s and started on my homework. I was working on that shoe story thing, and I was running out of ideas, so I decided to text Emily. She told me to write about a female version of Indiana Jones, and the story would represent everything women do to hold our society together and that we do it all in 6 inch heels. Then we came up with another idea: A story about a secret town of tiny, little creatures who live in the toes of the shoes because they were forgotten and left in the back parking lot of Goodwill. Yeah, that’s why she’s my big sister. <3

Jason, Emily, my grandma, and my dad are going to help me with homework. I discovered that my mom’s house was making me depressed and that I can’t focus when I’m depressed (no one can).  We started to think of ways we could get to and from school while living at my dad’s. The only option is to take the bus, but none of us feel comfortable with taking the bus. The other options won’t work because my mom is being difficult. She doesn’t understand that I need help NOW. I would like to pass eight grade , thank you very much. But she won’t listen to anyone. They all tell her the same thing, that she need to do her job as a mother even though she’s sixteen years too late.

Basically Jason and Emily are going to help me stay focused and stuff. I love them. :)



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